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What Are Altbashes?

RSVP to a new reason to celebrate! A sizzling new trend for smaller celebrations in 2022 will be #ALTBASHES!

Altbashes are parties for life’s undercelebrated moments.

In 2022, we will embrace celebrations that mark fresh milestones and open new chapters!

Altbashes are being thrown to get together for something special for you but ...maybe not fully relatable to your guests. People like any excuse to eat cake!

Empty nest? Party.

Adoption went through? Party.

Bad breakup? Here’s a cake.

Finally tested negative for COVID? Drink it up!

Friend moving away? Make it a Goodbye to remember!

Here are some stats we got from Pinterest trends in searches so far this year:

These also indicate hot #hashtags you should be using in your socials! ;-)

When it comes to celebrations, don’t expect the ordinary from us. Follow us on Instagram for colourful balloons and the trendiest themes!

If you’re a food vendor, you can whip up just the right treats to commemorate memorable milestones—like breakup cakes.

If you’re a travel influencer, you can definitely help people craft a breakup getaway or empty nest bucket-list trip to mark a major life transition.

If you are in the finance world, you can help people celebrate their financial milestones—like a party once they complete their mortgage payments or a “so long, student loans” celebration.

For our real estate agents, welcoming your clients to their new home with our oversized balloons and a bottle of champagne will surely be cherished forever (and they may even contact you again when it's time to grow the family or invest in real estate!).

One thing is for sure; we will always be here to help you celebrate the big and even the small milestones in life with our big party energy, gorgeous setups and creative minds!



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