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How will the GRAD season be in 2020?

With graduation season just around the corner, graduates all around the world are living a unique experience! Nobody else has ever had this kind of situation happen to them..and it’s a story you will tell your kids and even grandchildren when you're old!

With social-gathering restrictions, these celebrations are taking new forms and we are here to share the greatest ideas with you so you can make the most out of it!

Start by creating a Facebook Event! You can organize any type of event and let everyone know with just a click! For instance, you can plan a drive-by parade. Car-parades are a safe concept and can be done while respecting all traffic rules and pedestrians. BALLÖOM teamed up with MARQUEE LETTERS to offer contactless delivery* of giant letters covered with balloons for your front or backyard, offering many choices of words and balloon-colours in order to accommodate your theme!

You can rock your outfit and take memorable pictures! Let your friends know to pass by, so you all have the opportunity of having an "official" photo op that you will all have in common! Please make sure you're allowed to hold parades in your city when planning it! Some towns allow no more than 5 vehicles per parade, while others are completely against it. If that is the case, having a video chat with family and friends so they can see your diploma and send wishes sounds like a safer option!

As of June 1st, many cities are easing up restrictions and allowing small backyard BBQs with up to 3 households, so if you have family that lives in the area, this could also be an option! Another new trend this year is to host a picnic, you can host it in your own backyard or in one of Montreal's many beautiful parks with breathtaking settings, which are ideal for a fancy, yet intimate event!

If these options still don't make you feel like celebrating, your last resort is to postpone it and plan it once restrictions are over!

We hope these fun ideas will be useful for all your prepping, planning and crafting your unique and special celebration!

How are you planning to celebrate your milestones amid the COVID-19 pandemic?

*Contactless Delivery: Customers place their orders online. The designated company will notify the customer once they arrive at their door via text message or call. The customer's order will then be installed safely and disinfected if needed.


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