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Top Adult Party Trends For 2024

I know, I know... your first instinct when you think of an adult's birthday party is a state of dread. Another year around the sun? Yep, we all go through it!

Which is exactly why I've decided to write a blog post dedicated to you!

In case you've been living under a rock, please know that nowadays, adult birthday parties are just as rocking and exciting as kids' parties! And, trust me, our current bookings can prove that 2024 will be the year of celebrations (after all, we've postponed much of our milestones for the past few years!).

This is always one of my favourite posts to write each year for many reasons, but mainly because it gives me extra inspiration to write down popular trends, take notice of trends that are fading and make predictions on trends that I think will stick in the upcoming year. Therefore, I can also plan new blog posts, the trendiest packages for our clients and plan our busy months ahead!

IG Worthy Backdrops

The trend for Instagram-worthy backdrops is not going anywhere, anytime soon. Party-goers love nothing more than a curated backdrop to capture the perfect IG worthy snap with friends to share on social media. I personally like amping up the decorations in one central location in a party design to create a photo-worthy moment. The photo backdrop is usually what people will remember the most about the decor, which allows you to then find simple, creative ways to carry the theme through in other areas of the decor without going overboard on every single detail. See our curated packages that you can customize to match any and every theme under the sun! All of these are delivered and installed for you in all of Montreal and surrounding areas!

Feminine Floral Patterns

Fashion has always had an influence on the party industry, and this year I think we will see a huge uptick in romantic floral patterns included in party designs thanks to the popularity of florals. We love pairing our floral-filled backdrops with neons for extra dimension and to add an unexpected touch to our decor. One thing is for sure, this trend is nothing like the shabby chic era from the early 2000’s. Today’s ultra-feminine modern floral patterns are rich in detail, feature a mixture of bold and neutral colours and evoke a sense of audacity! All of this available in our SHOP!

Layered Details

Ask any stylist what their trick is to a flawless tablescape or party design, and they will almost always say that it is layered details. Thanks in part to Pinterest, blog tutorials, and behind-the-scenes Instagram stories, many people are starting to learn the tricks of the trade and are realizing the importance of layering details in everyday party designs. If you need extra inspo, we've got you covered with our curated Pinterest Boards! One of the keys to successfully integrate this trend into a party design is to really think through how textures work together, and also to still be mindful of editing so you aren’t just adding props for no reason and that everything in a certain design has a purpose.

Favour Bars

I love this trend for many reasons, but mostly because favour bars are such a fun, interactive element to add to any party! Not to mention, a favour bar also provides a focal point for the party and gives the host one central area to go all out on decorations which gives the party another wow-factor. Favour bars can feature a variety of items, such as small champagne bottles, honey jars, flower pots, cotton candy and so much more! (these favour bars are available with most of our packages and can be customized with any message, phrase, logo or hashtag).

Marquee Letters

Marque letters, a trend that was once reserved for elite luxury parties is now becoming more mainstream. Franchises that offer marquee letter rentals are popping up in cities everywhere, making these giant letters much more accessible for everyday parties. The marque letter trend was also given a boost in 2020 with the rise of many drive-by and outdoor parties that needed to come up with a solution to incorporate decorations outdoors, typically in a space with no walls.

As we grow old, there are many milestones that come in our way, like our 30th birthday where finally we say goodbye to our fun 20s and enter, the more matured 30s, or the 50th or the 60th birthday of a person, which everyone knows are extremely special, and many other similar milestones. Following are some really good party themes which are perfectly suitable for an adult birthday party. Take your pick as per your individual liking!

Wine or Champagne Tasting Theme

If you do not want to make too much noise this birthday, but want to spend some nice time in the company of your close family members and friends, then you can simply call them over for an exquisite wine or champagne tasting party.

You can either take all your guests up to some nice refinery and enjoy the quiet and green ambiance there, or you can arrange for some exotic wine bottles and a beautiful grazing table at home and plan the entire party right on your porch.

An Evening In Paris

Paris is a dream city and one place which is in everyone’s bucket list.

It would be a little expensive to sponsor all your friends on a trip to Paris for your birthday, and therefore, a better idea would be to bring Paris to them.

Arrange for dancers who can perform on the lines of Moulin Rouge, ask your waiters to use French words for thank you, welcome, help yourself, sir/madam, while serving the guests. Also on your menu, try to serve authentic French dishes.

A Black And White Party

This is a sophisticated party theme. All the guests are expected to dress in black and white party dresses. Champagne is served to the guests and proper seating arrangements are made. A toast may be raised before the party begins.

All together this theme is suitable if you want to throw a classy and formal birthday party, where along with friends, probably you would want to invite people from work as well and make a strong impression on them!

Masquerade Ball Party Theme

This is one very matured and yet absolutely exciting birthday party theme for adults. All your guests would get to wear their most beautiful gowns and tuxedos for the party.

You will, of course, have to make arrangements for some really pretty masquerades for all the guests, and prepare a nice stage where all the couples can do ball dance with their partners.

The stage, music, and the masks are the heart and soul of this party, and if you manage to get this right, you would have a perfect setting for an amazing adult birthday party.

Beach Party

The beach is one place which everyone, old and young enjoy a lot. Therefore, this birthday invites all your friends to a rocking party right on the beach.

Trust me, with the beach as the center of your birthday party theme, even your most matured friends, who think birthday parties are for kids only, will jump in and have a great time! Arrange for a bonfire, some nice Caribbean music, beachy drinks and food, and you are all set for the best birthday party ever!

Poker Party

Now, no one can say that a poker themed birthday party is something for the kids. Arrange for ample of poker chips and proper tables and cards for the guests to come, sit and enjoy.

Also, make sure that you serve food and drinks right at the table for the guests, as you cannot expect the guests to get up from the middle of a poker game and help themselves to the food and drinks.

Also, expect your this birthday party to carry on till late in the night, or maybe even till the break of the dawn, as once your guests start to warm up to the game of poker, making them leave the party would be very difficult for you.

A Hollywood/Bollywood Theme Party

Movies are something that is loved and enjoyed by everyone and even when you turn 80, there must be some actor or actress who makes your heart skip a beat.

This birthday asks all your guests to dress up as their favourite actors or some beloved character from a famous movie.

Play popular soundtracks from classic movies, and everyone to perform the typical moves on specific songs similar to the one performed in the movie.

The food, drinks and all the other arrangements for this party need to be really classy, after all, you have movie stars from all over the world coming to your birthday party.

Hula Party

Similar to the theme of a hippy party, I feel is the Hula party. Enjoy that amazing tropical feel with this party. Arrange for coconut cups for serving your drinks, buy a nice hula skirt and use palm trees, real or fake, for your party decorations, coupled with some nice Spotify list and let the sun shine in your life!

Karaoke Theme Party

This is a very popular theme and party idea for adult. This theme is also used by many teenagers when throwing a party.

All you need to do is arrange for a nice karaoke system and the rest of the fun in the party would be brought in by the guests themselves with some really bad singing, or maybe with some really amazing good singing skills too!

A Murder Mystery Party

This is a birthday party theme which can be used when you want to invite a limited number of guests for your party. You have to write a complete murder mystery, where each of your guests would have a role to play in it.

One of your guests would get murdered during the party (pretend to get murdered of course), and the rest of the guests would have to figure out the murderer with the help of the clues that you would hide all over the party venue.

This can be real fun if all the guests participate in it fully.

The Great Gatsby Party

The Great Gatsby party theme draws inspiration from the 1925 novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald of the same name. This classic tale reveals the luxurious, free-spirited atmosphere of the 1920s punctuated by dancing, wildly opulent decor, and flapper fashion. Look for key 1920s design concepts such as geometric prints, metallic and mirrored pieces, bold colours, Bauhaus-style furniture, and ornamental chandeliers. If you’re planning on hosting the party at home, you can find a few pieces that allude to the design of the decade.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my predictions and that one of these themes appeal to you! If you decide to use one of these ideas, you can tag us @littleagencyco where we can see them!

xo Tami


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