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The Most Romantic Places to Propose in Montreal

Planning on popping the question? Men, you just hit the jackpot by finding this blog post! Ladies, if you decide to do this, try to be subtle when adding this post to your beau's web browser (for me personally, I used to add these pages to his Favourites, Bookmarks and/or Reading tabs!).

And if you're not in Montreal, we have some special content for you at the end of this post, so you don’t feel left out! THIS is the only guide you will need to plan the most enchanting and romantic proposal they will brag about to all their friends for years to come!


Montreal is the city of love. No wait, Paris is the city of love.

Nonetheless, Montreal is North America’s beautiful little Paris and the ideal city for the perfect proposal. Keep in mind, the proposal is by far the most remembered moment in any couple’s long-lasting relationship, there’s no such thing as going overboard for the one you want to spend the rest of your life with.

So, you’ve purchased an engagement ring, you’ve got an amazing speech planned and you’re ready to get down on one knee. Well, you’re missing one thing - your setup & location! There are plenty of romantic places to propose in Montreal - beautiful parks, gardens and monuments worthy of your big moment, all you have to do is pinpoint the right one. We have created the BE MINE Package especially for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion! So if you're in the city, today is your lucky day!

To make sure your proposal is even more memorable, get your family and your partner’s family involved in the whole event, if appropriate. Wouldn’t it be nice to have both families waiting for you at the end of the day?

One of the important things is to ensure that you choose a good photo-shoot location.

A place that is convenient, accessible, perhaps sentimental, memorable and, of course, aesthetically beautiful.

Montreal Old Port / Old Montreal One of the most memorable locations in our opinion, would be the Old port Montreal. It also gives you a ton of variations (from indoor to outdoor locations), photogenic alleyways and its unique architecture and green space, it's a unique location where you can find so many hidden gems. The majestic demeanour of Notre-Dame Basilica is enough to make anyone stop and stare. That being said, proposing to your girlfriend in front of this 300-year-old cathedral will likely make her go weak at the knees. For those hopeless romantics, hire a violinist to play a piece while you’re “coincidentally” walking by. However as mentioned, since it is one of the most well-known touristic locations, It may be extremely crowded during summer. It will make for the most beautiful photos -even during rainy day or when you have your rest of the day booked close by, so it's maybe worth doing it during the weekday (work hours are the quietest time). Some Locations in Old Port might need permit or entrance fee so make sure you keep that in mind or call to plan everything accordingly. @halfviet87

If you’re looking for something with more of an architectural oomph, The Oratoire Saint-Joseph is definitely the way to go! With gorgeous historic Architectural that look nothing like most of Montreal, this area provides plenty of photographic opportunities and is often overlooked. We did a few photoshoots there with helium balloons and Montreal's skyline, and golden hour sparkles make it, hands down, the most beautiful atmosphere for a magical proposal!

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (yes, as in the movie) Disclaimer: movie-inspired idea any girl would love. For those men who are going to spoil their girlfriend with a Tiffany’s engagement ring, here’s a cliché but adorable way to propose! Head to Tiffany’s on Sherbrooke St, purchase the ring and warn the sales clerk that you plan to propose in front of the store on a specific date. Tell the clerk that the ring has to be in the display window on the day of your proposal! On that day, pick up some coffee and croissants with your girlfriend (find a nearby bakery or cute coffee shop) and tell her you want to take a stroll. Head to Sherbrooke and begin your walk towards Tiffany’s. When you arrive in front of the store, have your girlfriend look into the display with you and point at your ring. Tease her about it and ask her if she likes it (you better know her taste). With the clerk, plan ahead of time in such a way that the moment you point at the ring, it’s automatically grabbed from its display. Tell your girlfriend ‘’damn, I guess someone else got lucky today’’. Little does she know the clerk will bring the ring outside and deliver it straight into your hand. Your girlfriend will have no idea what’s going on. Now, it’s time to propose!

Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium Your love was written in the stars and you can celebrate that by bringing your bae to the planetarium for your big moment. Though a science museum may not seem like one of the most romantic places to propose in Montreal, we can’t forget how well this approach worked for Ross and Rachel in Friends. If you want to kick things up a notch, you could even name a star after the love of your life.

@lisahomsy @maisonlavande

Maison Lavande This is for you couples out there with wanderlust and an affinity for wild beauty, sweet romance and everlasting memories. We recommend doing it in July (when the field is in full-bloom!). After she says yes, arrange that a champagne bottle with two fancy glasses are delivered to celebrate the big moment. And if you know us, you know that we obsess with the perfect lighting for our photos, lighting is essential for both photo and video, and if you do it outdoors, you will have a short amount of time for the picture-perfect light (around 25 minutes before the dusk sets in!). Try to get your photographer to shoot before and after sunset and enjoy the rest of the time to really soak in the experience and enjoy this moment because you're ENGAGED!

Montreal Botanical Garden Montreal may not exactly be tropical (okay, it’s not even close to being tropical) but you can still pop the question while surrounded by palms and exotic blooms - just go to the Montreal Botanical Garden. This indoor oasis is what proposal dreams are made of. Don’t forget to enlist a photographer, it makes for an amazing engagement photo backdrop.

This probably doesn’t come as a shock to you, but Mount Royal’s viewing deck is no stranger to marriage proposals. It offers a great view of the city and a bit of an escape from the busy streets, making it one of the best places to propose in Montreal. If you love the idea but would prefer a more natural backdrop, pop the question among the trees on the Mount Royal Trail, instead.

Everybody loves a romantic picnic and La Fontaine Park is one of the best spots in the city for one. Spend a little time in the kitchen whipping up your partner’s favourite meal and bring them to a secluded spot for some one-on-one time in nature. When the time is right, pull out that sparkler and pop the question.

Waterfront proposals will always be a fan favourite, and while you won’t be able to find a spot as picturesque as a Bahamian beach in Montreal, there is Clock Tower Beach. Cozy up on the sand and spend your day relaxing and basking in the sun. If you really want to up that romance factor, we suggest planning your perfect proposal for sunset.

Beaver Lake in Mount Royal Park is another amazing waterfront proposal spot worth considering. Unlike Clock Tower Beach, it’s surrounded by a grassy park, making it perfect for picnicking. If you want to steal a bit of inspo from The Notebook, in summer, you can rent a rowboat an do a bit of paddling or if you’re aiming for a winter proposal, bring your skates and do a few laps before dropping down on one knee!


Nothing impresses an art lover more than a romantic gallery date, so if your S/O. absolutely adores painting, portraiture and everything in between, the Museum of Fine Arts may just be the perfect place to propose in Montreal. It holds so many works it can get a bit hectic, so aim for a time when it won’t be brimming with tourists and families (or just sneak into an empty gallery for your big moment).

Hot Air Ballon Ride A hot air balloon ride is one of those truly ideal wedding proposal concepts. This is because being up in the air gives you and your loved one a literally heightened sense of excitement and adventure. Popping the question aboard a hot air balloon, flying up in the sky, will truly be a touching, unforgettable experience. You will need to make sure they are not afraid of heights and inform them in advance that you will pop the question (plan in advance when and where you are going to propose). Best time of the year for this one is usually Mid-August.


Here are the things you don’t definitely want to forget on the day of.

Your ring

OK, this is pretty obvious, but you don’t want to show up to your marriage proposal without your engagement ring. Before you leave the house, make sure the rock is safely and securely stowed away in the ring box. You’ll want to keep it in your pocket (preferably one with a zipper) so that it doesn’t go MIA before you have the chance to get down on one knee.

Your song

Every proposal requires an awesome soundtrack! Bring along a speaker so that you can connect your phone or music player and give your engagement that perfect ambiance. Remember, if you’re going to pop the question at a restaurant or other public place, you’ll want to get in touch with the staff early to put in your song request(s) and hash out all the fine details, like timing.

Your speech

You shouldn’t be reading your proposal off of cue cards, but you may have a few notes you want to review before getting down to business. Of course you’ll be nervous, so it’s good to have your talking points written down so that you know exactly what you want to say. Just please, don't wing it. Confidence is key in this situation.

Your photographer

Some people like to keep their marriage proposal totally technology-free, while others want everything documented so that they can relive the memories over and over again. If you fall under the latter category, ask a wedding photographer or friend to hide away in a nearby spot and secretly capture the moment on film. Don’t want to bring another person into the picture? That’s A-OK, just arrive early to your proposal location and set up a camera!

Your phone

Naturally, you’re going to want to let the world know that your partner said yes almost as soon as it happens, so make sure you have your phone on you (juiced up with a full battery, of course). That way you’ll be able to call your friends and family to let them know there’s a wedding on the horizon and take a few couple selfies for your engagement announcement on instagram (totally necessary).

All the extras

Unless you’re a total minimalist, you’ll probably want to add a few bells and whistles to your proposal. Think about packing a picnic, a bottle of champagne or some other celebratory goodies (maybe rose petals or confetti?) so that you can really take your engagement to the next level.

We’ve rounded up some fun ways to personalize your marriage proposal with a whole setup and we can even add custom accessories too! Contact Us for an even more magical day!

If you're not in Montreal and need some decor, here is a list of our favourite LOVE-themed decor that you can do it yourself (or the help of a family member or friend, of course!).

Just a heads up, we highly recommend you to get a BALLOON PUMP, it will make your job easier and faster!

Decorate a hotel room with this I LOVE YOU KIT or this ROMANTIC KIT that includes candles and rose petals! Another cute option is this one, for all the girls who love pink this PINK KIT includes all the essentials you will need to make it unforgettable! We even found this RED CARPET that will be the cherry on the top of your decor.

Another amazing option are these"Will You Marry Me?" MARQUEE LETTERS! She will never believe that you planned & executed everything yourself

Before we go, we couldn't forget about an important detail; if you don't have a beautiful ring box, THIS ONE will make your ring look like a million bucks!

Our PROPOSAL Pinterest Board has a ton of ideas that you can incorporate with the items mentioned above! We hope you can make it a day to remember! We also have a LOVE board for all your future milestones; you're welcome!

I hope this guide helped you plan the most perfect day & that your girl feels just like she should feel everyday; LIKE A QUEEN!




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