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Top Popular Girl Party Themes in 2024

"What themes are trendy this year?" this is, hands down, the number one question we get asked by clients on a daily basis. So, if you want to plan the perfect birthday party for your little girl, then look no further than this! From animals and unicorns to rainbows and ice cream, we have gathered our most requested and timeless themes that your child will cherish forever!

Whether your little girl loves animals or Disney princesses, we have something for everyone on this list. It doesn’t matter if it’s her first or fifth birthday – there’s always a reason to go big at any age! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started planning the perfect celebration!

Parisian Café

A Parisian Café party is perfect for any little girl who loves all things fashion!

You can make it super girly with Eiffel Tower decorations, macarons, a little bit of sparkle, a pastel colour palette, and themed desserts, favours and games! This party had a "Sip & Paint" activity that the girls loved! This theme can also be combine with our next theme idea:

Tea Party

Would your daughter and her friends like to get all dressed up and have a fun tea party? If tea time sounds like something she would love, a tea party would be a perfect birthday theme for her next celebration! First, serve some fingers foods and dainty desserts for the perfect afternoon tea time! Then, transform your venue with our sweetcarts, floral decor, a kid's table and party supplies for a dreamy tea party that everyone will love!

Dolls / Dollhouse

Girls love dolls so why not bring a dollhouse to life and host a doll-themed party for your little girl? With a sweet pastel colour palette, you can transform any space into the ultimate dollhouse! Set up a doll station with clothes and accessories for the girls and double their doll as a party favour to take home.


Do you have a little ballerina in your life? Think all things pink with a sweet ballerina birthday party, complete with tutus, a pink cake, ballerina shoes, and a ballerina-themed party gift for your guests.

Tell all tiny dancers to dress in their favourite tutus and dance the day away with this sweet ballerina theme.

You can even do things a little different and plan a vintage ballerina party!


We love the colourful and fun tutti-frutti parties! So incorporate watermelon, strawberries, bananas, and kiwi for a party everyone will love!

There are so many adorable tutti-frutti invitations, party supplies, balloons, and centrepieces to choose from to make your party a hit!


Turning your party venue into a sweet Candyland will be a hit with the kids!

First, get sugared up with a colourful candy buffet and a Candyland-themed birthday cake. Then, go big with the Candyland decorations!


Sprinkle some fairy dust and wave your magic wands for a magical day of celebrating the birthday girl! All fairies are welcome to this special fairy-themed party.

Just grab some fairy wings and wands and give them to your guests as party favours that they can wear and use around the party. The photo ops are endless with this dreamy theme. Make this a garden fairy theme with tons of flowers, mushrooms, and greenery.

You can even give it a woodland vibe with fairy wings


Some Bunny is 1! A sweet bunny theme is perfect for a first birthday party! Think pink and white bunny-themed party banners, balloons, tablescapes, centrepieces, cake, cupcakes, cookies, and favours. Have the kids hop on over with some adorable bunny ears for the perfect bunny party photo op.


There’s nothing sweeter than a donut and sprinkles party! This theme is perfect for a 1st birthday party too, we like to call them "DONUT Grow Up!". If you're in town, you have probably seen our donut bars and sweet carts, all available in our packages & perfect for this theme! We also have cool sprinkles backdrop with donuts, so your donut-themed dessert table can have a donut-shaped cake and party favours! Donut worry, be happy!

We love a sweet donut theme with a pastel colour palette and tons of donut-themed balloons and props!


Pamper your daughter and her friends with a spa-themed party! You can have the party at home or even a salon where the girls can sit back, relax, get a mani/pedi, and talk about boys!

There are so many fun spa-themed party dessert and cake ideas you can incorporate into your party. A spa day is an excellent idea for tweens and teens and would even be fun for little girls too!

What girl doesn’t love getting all dolled up and pampered?!

Mermaid / Under the Sea

Mermaids are majestic creatures that every girl loves! A mermaid or Under the Sea birthday party theme can be as simple or extravagant as you want it to be. You could go all out and create an entire underwater world in your backyard or keep it simple by just having some fun activities or mermaid dress-up time. Either way, your little one will love celebrating their special day surrounded by their favourite characters from the deep blue sea!

The best part about throwing a mermaid-themed birthday party is that there are many ways to make it unique and memorable for everyone involved. You can do plenty of DIY projects at home to add some extra touches, like making custom invitations or decorating cupcakes with edible glittery scales.


A beautiful swan-themed party is another theme that you can make gorgeous. Whether you’re having a 1st birthday or a 10th birthday, a swan theme is perfect.

Incorporate a swan-themed dessert table full of delicious desserts, add a gorgeous Swan backdrop, get matching party printables and make it a day to remember!


Is your little girl’s heart set on a magical unicorn celebration for her birthday party?

Plan an unforgettable unicorn-themed event with our magical unicorn and balloons!

Whether you add a little sparkle, pastel shades, or rainbows, your daughter will have the best birthday ever!


Llamas are so adorable and make the perfect theme for girls’ birthday parties! Make it a true fiesta with a fringe paper backdrop or photo booth, cactus items, and a fun, festive colour palette; what we like about this theme is that we can also work with neutral colours and it looks PERFECT! Add in some cute plush llama party favours on one of our props (available in our packages) or incorporate them into the llama party decorations. There are so many creative ways to make this party special for your daughter and her friends.


Can’t choose a colour for your child’s birthday party? No worries, a rainbow theme is perfect!

There are tons of bright and colourful party supplies and decorations you can buy for your rainbow party.

This happy rainbow theme is sure to put a smile on any child’s face! But, of course, you can make this day special without breaking the bank, too, with a bit of rainbow DIY magic.

From invitations to decorations, we’ve got all of the best rainbow birthday party ideas right here!


Glamping indoors or outdoors is a fantastic way to mark another birthday with friends. But, of course, we’ve all seen those cute indoor tents that you can set up at home for you glamping party. So fun! Turn your glamping sleepover into any theme you like!


We all know that girls love to dress up and feel like royalty. So if you’re looking for an easy way to make her birthday party extra special, look no further than a pretty princess birthday party! Give out some magic wands to all of the little princesses at your princess-themed party, roll out the red carpet, and add a princess-themed cake, cupcakes, and cookies fit for a queen!


There’s nothing more beautiful than butterflies, and that’s why they make a great party theme. Add some pastel colours and a little bit of sparkle, and your kids will love it!

Some butterfly-themed birthday party ideas are to treat your little guests with some sparkly butterfly wings they can wear around the party. They also double as a fantastic party favor!

You can also incorporate face painting, a makeup station, a craft station where the girls can make a butterfly craft, pin the wings on the butterfly game, etc.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to a girls’ party!


Saddle up for a wild time with a horse-themed party! Do you have a horse-lover in your family? Maybe your child loves riding horses and is a country girl at heart.

A horse-themed birthday party is a perfect way to celebrate her birthday! Whether you have the party outside or indoors, you can bring the horses to you with fun, girly party supplies, and decorations.

How about a beautiful horse cake or trail mix party favours? No matter what elements you decide on, we’re sure it’s going to be the best horse-inspired party ever!

Glow in the Dark

A cool glow-in-the-dark-themed birthday is perfect for any tween or teen who wants to stay away from the cute party themes. If you're in the city, you've probably heard of our SPLASH BALLOONS, these are perfect for a Glow in the Dark Party as they glow under black light!

Have a glow-in-the-dark dance party with disco lights, DJ, glow-in-the-dark desserts, cups, decorations, balloons, and more!


Do you have a little artist on your hands?! An art party is a great way to show off the kids’ creative side and is one of our favourite 0f these 47 Most Popular Girl Party Themes! Have a fun afternoon with a rainbow art theme, complete with a painting project and art-themed desserts, art-themed party props, and more.

The kids will have fun making a cool masterpiece at your art party to share with their parents later!


One in a Melon is a popular 1st birthday party theme for girls. You can do a red and green colour palette or go for a more soft pastel colour palette.

Then, add some cute watermelon balloons, desserts, and favours for a truly sweet watermelon-themed party!


Since we still aren’t traveling very far these days, why not bring a little Paris to your girl's celebration? From a pastel palette and floating hot-air balloons to prancing stallions. If you're in Montreal, we can create a dreamy vignette for an afternoon filled with tea, sweets and a lot of smiles!

Pick a pony and saddle up, with our Vintage Carousel Horse (available in most of our packages) and our oversized Elephant & Hot Air Balloons (available here) in pretty pastels. These will take your party round and round! You can also check our Pinterest Board for all the Carousel Theme inspo you may need! What is fun about this theme is that it works for all ages, all you have to do is tweak the colour palette and make it more bold if you have an older girl!

You know we love timeless themes, but we couldn't forget to add some Licensed themes that are also timeless and will be for sure remembered for generations to come.

Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse is a classic party theme and can be done within SO MANY OTHER THEMES! You can even get super creative and do a vintage Minnie theme with pastel pink, purple, and blue colour palette or have some fun with a Minnie Mouse Tea Party!

The possibilities are endless with this classic Disney theme!

Don’t forget your Minnie Mouse ears and the BOW-tique for some fun DIY bow-making!

All the girls will have a blast at this Minnie Mouse celebration!

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a classic theme that’s perfect for any age!

Make this theme magical by adding some edible tea cup cupcakes to your Alice in Wonderland-themed dessert menu, along with Cheshire cat cookies.

Include a fabulous Alice in Wonderland themed birthday cake, favours, games, and more for a whimsical event any girl will love!

LOL Surprise Dolls

Does your daughter LOVE LOL Surprise Dolls? This popular theme is a great way to celebrate her big day!

Decorate your party space with LOL Surprise Doll-themed balloons, banners, a giant backdrop, and LOL Surprise Dolls, of course! Everyone little girl will love this theme!


Barbie is a classic party theme that never goes out of style! So, if your little girl wants a fabulous Barbie bash, look no further than these pretty party ideas!

Of course, when you think of Barbie, you think of all things pink and girly.

But, the possibilities are endless when it comes to an iconic Barbie-themed birthday party, and you can also work with a theme within the Barbie theme, for example, NASA (Astro Barbie), Vet Barbie, 60’s Dance Party Barbie, Beep Beep Barbie and more!

Belle / Beauty and the Beast

Every little princess dreams of being Belle from Beauty and the Beast for a day, and what better way to make your child’s dream come true than to throw a fabulous Belle-themed party for her big day!

There’s so much you can do for a beautiful Beauty and the Beast celebration so you can truly make the day magical. Make the day truly magical with beautiful party supplies, decorations, desserts, games, and don't forget to check our SHOP if you're in Montreal!

Invite Belle to your party to surprise the birthday girl and her friends. This classic theme is a favourite in our list! Be sure to tell all of the guests to come in their best princess dresses for an afternoon full of fun!

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is an excellent choice for an older child. If your daughter loves the Harry Potter books or movies, this theme is a no-brainer.

There are so many fun and creative things you can incorporate into this party.

The DIY and food options paying homage to the series are endless, so you can have a lot of fun planning this Harry Potter wizardly fete!


Cinderella is another classic party theme that any princess would love! That’s why it makes our list of the 47 Most Popular Girl Party Themes.

So make it a magical afternoon with Cinderella-themed party plates, napkins, cups, balloons, banners, backdrops, centerpieces, and more!

Turn your venue into the ultimate Cinderella castle with these creative ideas.

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