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How to Make Your 21st Birthday One To Remember— Even During a Pandemic!

There’s no denying that turning 21 is a HUGE DEAL and it’s totally normal to feel a bit stressed to plan it. But, oh, look! Here's a handy-dandy list of 21st birthday ideas right here waiting for your fine self, birthday princess! Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Alright, let's begin from the beginning; every birthday party needs some planning. Planning the theme and decor should be the first things you do, then the invites (make sure you know exactly how many people are coming) so you know how much food and drinks to get.

Once the theme is chosen, you can check out our SHOP for a birthday backdrop!

We have a bunch of options for every budget —and trust us, this will definitely make your 21st birthday Instagram-worthy, whether it's going to be a virtual party only or even with a small group of friends!

I get that it can be tricky to figure out exactly how to mark the milestone —even from this curated list. But I promise there's something for everybody. Want to get wine drunk and flash your license at the SAQ? Gotchu. Want a chill night in with your closest crew? Also gotchu. Is your birthday tomorrow and you're stressed about celebrating safely during a pandemic still and you have *zero* ideas how? Gotchu x100.

If you're ready to do something completely and utterly-epic (yes, I'm unironically using the word "epic" like it's 2012, don't @ me), I’ve gathered the best, most covid-friendly 21st birthday ideas, that'll have you coming of age in style. Because really, at the end of the day, we’re all just tryna make ’em ask, “Who is SHE?”.

If restrictions in Montreal allows for small group gatherings, you can have some friends over and order one of our packages so you can take as many pictures as you want for your special day! …play it straight with a happy birthday message or create something with a touch of humour like a “Happy Worst Birthday Ever" custom backdrop.


Two words: SPA DAY. If you’re looking for indulgence in the name of self-care, a spa day is ideal. This yummy SPA KIT will get your birthday start on the right foot so you can line up all the services you’ve been craving: facial steam, 24K face mask, and lounge around all day in this cute SATIN LOUNGEWEAR —sorry, boss, you’re OOO!

We found a super fun way to sing your heart out at karaoke online with your friends here! There's nothing that can bring people together quite like a good karaoke sesh. I mean just watch the first 10 minutes of High School Musical for further evidence.

Scavenger hunt. I can see it now: A boozy "you-themed" scavenger hunt at home. Challenge your friends to secure items at your place like your fave snack or your go-to comfort outfit. Winner gets the last slice of pizza.

Throw a paint ’n’ sip party. A paint-and-sip class is an easy way to get wasted under the guise of art and friendship. So round up your typical Wine Down Wednesday crew and hit an online painting class.

You can host a themed costume party! Who doesn't love a good excuse to play dress-up? Pick a fun theme (your fave TV show, a cool decade, etc,) and go alllll the way out. You can also get super extra with Zoom backgrounds too.

Take a road trip! Are there any landmarks, restaurants, or hot spots that you've been dying to visit? Rent a car (or RV if you're feeling frisky) with your friends and just drive! Don't forget our Spotify Playlist, though.

Your 21st birthday is something you’ve probably been looking up to for years, and it should be celebrated properly —EVEN DURING A PANDEMIC! So make the most out of the current situation and it will become a memory you will cherish forever, I promise!





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