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Why Corporate Balloons?

If you are reading this blog post, chances are, your company is arranging an event to celebrate something – perhaps a 10-year anniversary, or maybe to commemorate the launch of a new product. Whatever the reason may be; rest assured that balloons will always bring life to a dull professional setting and create those Insta-perfect moments!

I know, I know... when we hear the term “corporate event”, most people expect to attend a formal occasion. After all, "corporate" is synonymous with the word “formal”. And when speaking of balloons, most people automatically think of clownish shapes, bright colours and childish decor. But times have changed (for the better!), and throughout the years, balloon artists all over the world have stepped up our game and come up with one-of-a-kind solutions to cater to all types of balloon requirements when it comes to events; including corporate!

Balloons can be installed on literally any type of surface. Our only limit is the horizon of a creative's imagination! From a storefront window, railings, ceilings, alongside a busy road or even on custom-built mounts and backdrops. And what's best? We offer delivery services, so you do not have to worry about transporting the balloons to the venue and you do not have to spend money hiring additional workers to help set up!

Each installation is designed to be eye-catching, drawing people to a focal point, product or new brand with engaging experiences that connect consumers to your brand through innovative and interactive moments.

We also design, plan, create and/or install show-stopping corporate balloons for unique marketing activations such as influencer events or gifting. On top of delivery and install, we also offer the service for delivery of branded balloons with your logo, corporate colours and corporate collateral or gifts as part of one spectacular delivery! The artistic nature of our balloons will inspire your guests to capture and share their experience on social media. When left with a positive impression, they will recall your brand, which ultimately increases the likelihood of them patronizing your products or services in return. Our installations are designed to impress and exceed expectation. We provide a full-service that includes planning, design, styling, installation and removal (if required).

Not having a huge event? Planning on treating your clients or sending balloons as part of a marketing activation? We can design, personalize and deliver unique and fully branded balloons and gift packages that match your brand colours and include your logos. We can also arrange delivery directly to your client’s doorstep or office. Simply e-mail us at to share your corporate balloon requirements.

Environment/Sustainability concerns? No problem! We have a large range of fully biodegradable balloon options, and our Grade 4 Helium does not impact medical research (Grade 4 Helium cannot be used for medical purposes therefore it does not impact the future of science and medicine). Our focus on being an eco-conscious company sets us apart from other suppliers. As we focus on using sustainable and biodegradable materials, we reuse and recycle wherever possible. The majority of our balloon installations are made from 95% air and 5% latex (made from natural tree sap). This means that they are fully biodegradable and do not contain plastic. We avoid using disposable plastic props or frames for our installations. We reuse all of our props and rentals and collect them once your event is over. You can read more about our ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY here.

Another thing that many don't know, is that we never facilitate balloon releases (biodegradable or not). The environmental impact can be devastating, which is why we educate all clients who contact us with such requests. There are so many other safe options to create a memorable moments with balloons; which we are keen to enlighten our clients with!

And lastly, let's talk about BALLÖOM Movement – our newest baby that we are SO HAPPY to let everyone know about! This is a project where we work closely with local charities and donate pre-loved balloons, giving them a second life, all while doubling the number of happiness generated! If you are a Non-Profit, or would like to put us in contact with an organization that could profit from this project, please Contact Us with any pertinent info! We can't wait to make magic happen!

what are you celebrating today?

xo Tami


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