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5 Tips For Planning a Kid's Party

Party planning should be fun and exciting. Especially when it comes to kid’s birthdays. These memories will be engraved in their memories and family albums for generations to come, so make sure to celebrate these important milestones whether you choose to go all out or have a more intimate gathering!

1. When to start organizing?

Ideally, you should start planning your party six months in advance -if possible a year. It may seem like a lot, but believe us, depending on the location chosen, certain dates will not be available. Time is also favourable in terms of financial control, it allows you to negotiate prices, pay slowly for all the costs and hire professionals in the area without breaking the bank because of last-minute decisions.

2. Party Location Define the location where your party will be held. This is the most important part when organizing a party because without a defined location, it is very difficult to plan and almost impossible to project decor and costs. Event-planning professionals have a busy agenda, keep this in mind when deciding to visit venues as there may be charges attached to this service if you require a planner to go with you.

3. Date When defining the location, you will also need to set a date in order to make the reservation.

Saturday night is usually the busiest time for venues. If you plan to have your party on a Saturday, it is good to get to planning as soon as possible!

4. Party Theme Generally, children of up to 2 years old do not know how to choose a theme they would like for their party, so the final word is yours!

Choose general themes like the sea; farm, circus, among others that older children would usually not choose but it is meaningful to other parents and attendees (tip: a reminder of their childhood is always a winner!). From the third birthday onwards, children will want to choose their own theme. With that being said; enjoy the first 2 years to pick and choose timeless and memorable themes for you and your loved ones! 5. Guest List It is important to know the number of people you plan on inviting.

With the list in hand, you will be able to determine if the chosen venue or place can accommodate everyone comfortably.

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Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you need help planning your special day, it will be a pleasure to help you make it magical!

Sweet Cart, Clear Pedestal, Donut Bar, Elephant, Hot Air Balloons and Balloons by BALLÖOM

Fresh Florals and Greenery: Aura Design

Sweets by: Sweet Art MTL

Photo Credits: Patricia Brochu


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