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10 Questions to Ask When Researching Party Venues

Today on the blog, our team decided to guide you through picking your perfect party venue!

Clients usually know their venue before booking a consultation or package with us. But in case you have just started planning, we gotchu! Every event is unique, and every venue is different. That said, there are a few key questions to ask an event venue when planning your next milestone or corporate-related event. These are the questions that we swear by – take it from us, these questions will save you time at the beginning of the process as well as any headaches on the day of your event!

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Is the space available on my preferred date? This may sound super obvious, but it’s also super important to sort out straight away. If your venue is a popular one (and you may have left things to the last minute) having some flexibility with the date of your event is an advantage. If not, immediately ascertain whether the venue is available – before you begin chatting about catering and all of your other requirements.

Will you be there on before the event begins or during the event? Who’s your best contact? It’s important to be clear about who your main contact is at the venue (and even when booking a package with us), so if there is anything, we know who (and how) to contact throughout the planning process – and who your go-to contact is on the day of.

How does your team handle specific dietary requirements? When we say ‘handle specific dietary requirements’, we don’t just mean a few special dishes for the vegetarians. This is the venue’s chance to let you know what amazing alternatives they can provide for your vegetarian, vegan, or coeliac guests. If the venue you’re chatting to has specialty packages, this is their moment to blow you away!

Do you have any decoration restrictions? If you’re planning on decorating your chosen venue in some way, ask whether there are any restrictions on decorating – and ask early on in the piece! Some venues (understandably) have a ban on hard-to-clean items like glitter and confetti. Most historic buildings in our city (our gorgeous Montreal) refuse to accept candles (but there are always alternatives, like battery-operated ones, for example). Generally, venues will merely ask that decorations not leave a mark on walls or damage the decor, but historic venues or particularly lavish spaces can have extra restrictions.

What are your licensing times, and when do we have to get out? Different venues will have vastly different liquor licenses, so another couple of key questions to ask an event venue is how late events can run, and what time the bar closes. If you’re planning on having an event that carries on well into the night, make sure you know what time guests have to leave. Don’t let a great night be soured by the house lights going up at the very moment the dance floor is on fire!

Are there noise restrictions and can I have control of the music? This is another important one to consider if you’re planning a party or celebration conducive to a dance floor. Find out if there’s a particular time that music has to be turned down. Check if DJs are allowed and where they should/can set up, or whether there’s actually a connection for your computer or bluetooth.

How early can I set up and how long do I have to takedown? This one is important if you have a few different vendors creating your event's atmosphere (aka us, a DJ, a rental company, etc). Double check the time you have up your sleeve to bump in equipment or decorations and begin setting up. If you need longer than the standard time allowed, accessing the space earlier can sometimes come at extra cost. Be confident in how long you’ll need, and whether that time’s available. We always give our customers a realistic estimate of time (you can even find them in each product's description).

What does the venue include? Are there any extra costs? Take it from us, transparency is THE name of the game! Find out upfront if there are any hidden costs. It’s rarely as simple as just minimum spends or venue rental. Consider cleaning costs, cakeage, the deposit, damage liability, and security.

Can we bring our own caterer or supply our own alcohol? This one will only apply to a portion of you, but it can be a tricky one. If you are planning on supplying your own food and/or drinks, ask this straight off the bat to save yourself time – many venues won’t allow it. Try gallery spaces, warehouses and very casual bars or restaurants.

Lastly: never be afraid to ask for a better deal! A vital question to ask? Whether the venue can tailor something amazing and unique for you, or offer any freebies or add-ons for your event. For example, we add extras when our clients book a consultation – that's a great way to show that we mean business! So don’t be afraid to ask for a little extra love!

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