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Top Birthday Trends in 2024

Get ready for 202’s line up of birthday parties with our guide!

*Editor’s Note: Please note that some of these birthday ideas may not be possible in certain cities depending on current local restrictions.

From a birthday-bash featuring drive-by birthdays, to exciting surprises like having a picnic pop-up in your backyard or sending balloons to your virtual party guests... we have gathered the best ideas to ensure any milestone is remembered—even during a pandemic!

Outdoor Party

With last year's restrictions, we already know that hosting an outdoor party is is going to be this year's staple—the breezy shade underneath the pleasant golden hour sun, an array of tasty food to dive into while sipping a cold drink, and spending time with the people closest to you. Make sure to book early if you're planning on having one of these trendy setups, though!

Forest or Woodland Animal Party

Foxes, owls, and squirrels, oh my! These lush, nature themes are a sure bet!

What could be sweeter than inviting the forest’s cutest creatures to the party with a woodland theme!?

This will also look fabulous as a fall fairy bash or celebration for a little lumberjack dressed in buffalo plaid! The rich colour palette can be used during summer time, will look beautiful during golden-hour all the way through the fall time!

Spa Party

Who wouldn't want to celebrate their birthday with a full spa treatment? Drop cucumber slices in water, offer soft and cozy robes and slippers and twirl their hair up in a towel for a day of pampering that includes manicures, pedicures, and facial masks. There's nothing that compares to an afternoon of pampering with your girlfriends!

Bubbles and Brunch

What about a morning party with brunch items and bubbles? Now, that's a winning combo! Offer up muffins, scones, fruit and other nibbly goodies, and let the kids go wild with a wand or two. Or, if you've got older kids, why not set up a bubble lab with experiments, instead and, we can't forget the mimosas for the adults!

bubbly champagne, sweetscart, balloons, balloon garland, mimosas, brunch
Cart & Balloons: BALLÖOM

Garden Party

A garden party is such a whimsical party theme!

When we think garden party, we think of amazing floral decorations! It's a beautiful theme to take outdoors when the weather is gorgeous.

Some beautiful balloons, fresh flowers, birds, and butterflies and you can't go wrong!

Have a Food or Treat Truck Swing By

You can order a food truck, depending on your budget. Guests can spread out, last year, truck owners were already well-versed in COVID food regulations and you won't have to prepare a thing—it's a win-win situation!

Next-Level Princess (& Crafts) Parties

Crafty birthday parties are still very much a thing. For girls, a good example would be for each attendee to learn how to create a professional floral arrangement and bring it home in a stylish vase or a beautiful flower crown fit for a queen, you'll be seeing a lot of these themes this year!


With curfews still in place and once restrictions allows, instead of a sleepover, why not a "lateover"? this theme will be perfect for younger kids or kids that aren't ready to make the jump to a whole night, invite friends over around dinner time, and plan fun "night time" activities like karaoke, a dance party, glow-in-the-dark games, outdoor games you can play in the dark or even crafts.

Outdoor Movie Night

A classic party theme for the summer months that EVERYONE loves!

It is probably best if you contact KADO and have them make a magical setup in your backyard, and then all that's left to do is to pick a classic movie, set out popcorn, blankets, and, if you are planning ahead of time, print out tickets to send to the guests! Make sure sure to plan in advance. Restrictions won't allow big gatherings this year, so companies that offer outdoor services (especially at home) are getting booked quickly!

Volunteer or Giveback Party

Teaching our kids to give back is essential to parenting, and it can start with something as easy as a party! Instead of the focus being on the birthday boy or girl, you'll be seeing more party themes centred around giving back this year. Since there aren't a lot of public volunteering events happening right now, consider a Donation Box where the guests can leave an envelope with money —that you will then donate to a foundation in need, or have the kids give toys to be donated to those in need (these can even be used toys!).

Camp Out-Themed Birthday

You don't even need to have guests to enjoy a camp-out birthday! Grill up some veggiedogs, serve s'mores for dessert and have a few little surprises on the way!

Tea Party

Tea parties are elegant and perfect for those that long for an afternoon of high tea! Treat your guest(s) to an assortment of fine teas, pretty pastries, macarons and scones!

Superhero Party

Set out different superhero costumes, and let your guests choose their powerful persona upon arrival or have them come dressed as their favourite superhero! Get inspired by this awesome superhero bash we did last year with our mini tables and chairs along with one-of-a-kind table settings!

Mad Scientist

Kids will love being hands-on in this science-themed bash! Hand out lab coats and safety goggles, drink from beakers and put together experiments like bottle rockets (outside, of course!) made by dropping Mentos into a litre of Coca-Cola! But beware: This will be messy—but totally fun!

TikTok Party

TikTok is a massive hit. Everyone has it on their phones and spend hours scrolling through the latest memes, and trying out the newest TikTok dances! They are everywhere, so you can be sure they will be the trend of 2022!

Flamingo Party

Flamingo parties, similar to unicorn and llama parties, are one of those party themes that is still here to stay in 2022! Add some tropical flair with a bright colour palette and let us surprise the birthday girl with a beautiful backdrop and cake table that can also be used as a photobooth throughout the day! Contact us to reserve yours!

But most importantly: Let Them Choose.

As much as possible, let the birthday person (young ones, especially) choose everything for the day, unless it's a total surprise! Let them choose the meals, all the activities, family movie to watch, what kind of cake, when to go to bed... and don't forget that, even if some things don't go exactly as planned, it is a day of celebration and some details won't even be remembered when they get old! We hope you get to use some of our ideas, and don't forget to tag us @littleagencyco if you do!


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