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In this course, we will teach you how to create 3D reproduction templates so your clients can visualize their event in advance.

WHO can take this course?

Pretty much anyone looking to offer a more exclusive service to their clients.

Whether you’re a balloon artist, event planner or party designer, we got you covered!

And what's best? NO SKILLS in Photoshop, CorelDraw or drawing is necessary!

WHAT do I need for this course?

- 30 minutes a day

- Android or iOS phone or tablet

*Please note, this course is for for mock-ups only and not for large-printing purposes.

WHEN will it take place?

The course will be launched on November 1st with a total of 8 lessons.


WHY should you take it?

- Expand your services and increase your sales

- Offer personalized services to clients

- Showcase your work in different environments

- Increase your professionalism and creativity

- Visualize and Sale ideas to prospect clients

- Train your observation for future setups

- Save time on planning and preparation

- Have a visual plan (for your staff, other vendors or planners) in order to speed up setup time

You'll get the completion certificate of the course in print-ready e-format.

We provide all necessary materials for each lesson and also teach you how to make your own!


EARLY REGISTRATION: CAD$100 (before November 1st)

STANDARD REGISTRATION: CAD$170 (after November 1st)

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