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Elevate your events and captivate your clients!

Discover our curated templates.

Streamline your planning & maximize profits!


Hello, creative souls and visionary planners!

It's a bright new day at Little Agency Co., where we've taken the rich legacy of Ballöom and transformed it into a powerhouse for the event planning and balloon artistry world. Gone are the days of simple balloon deliveries and rentals. We're now on a mission to elevate your business to new heights!

Crafting dreams into reality

With the essence of Ballöom's original joy, Little Agency Co. steps into the spotlight to offer not just services, but a partnership in innovation. We understand the artistry that goes into every loop of a balloon garland and every spark of an event idea. And we're here to nurture that creativity with tools that will have your business blooming faster than you can say 'confetti'!

The art of visualization

Remember those 3D mockups that became our claim to fame? They're back and better than ever! Now, they're not just part of our packages; they ARE the package! Our 3D mockups are here to revolutionize your planning process, allowing you to preview and perfect your event setups with a clarity that's as stunning as it is strategic.

Your success, our commitment

We have used them, perfected them and  proved that they are the KEY to a successful business! 2024 isn't just another year; it's YOUR year to dream, design, and dominate! We're bringing you the most versatile Canva templates and branding tools that the industry has ever seen. We are sharing with you the secret weapon we have used and succeeded with in a highly competitive market.

The Little Agency Co. promise

As a celebrated Star-Seller with a constellation of 5-star reviews, our commitment to quality and functionality is unwavering. Our collection, a curated treasure trove from balloon garland templates to event planning essentials, all designed with your needs in mind. Crafted to save time, enhance efficiency, and elevate every event type.

Join the celebration of success

Our doors are wide open, inviting you to step into a world where your talent meets our tools, where your brightest ideas find their wings, and where every event is an opportunity to shine. And remember, when you need a sprinkle of inspiration, our Instagram and Pinterest pages are brimming with ideas that await your magic touch.

What are you celebrating today?

Let Little Agency Co. be the canvas for your imagination, the stage for your designs, and the partner in your journey to the top. Here's to the dreamers, the planners, and the creators -let's make the world a more memorable place, one celebration at a time!

Little Agency Co. where every day is a reason to celebrate!



some of them include:

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